Developing Algebra

This string was developed by our colleague Bill Jacob, University of California, Santa Barbara, who is, among other things, an algebraist.  The post is written by our colleague Monica Mendoza, University of California, Santa Barbara who leads a summer algebra institute for teachers as part of her work at The Center for Mathematical Inquiry with Bill. Continue reading “Developing Algebra”

From additive to multiplicative thinking

A few weeks ago our colleague and collaborator Pam Weber Harris led a really interesting numeracy workshop at Math in the City (City College). A former high school teacher and now teacher educator based in Austin, Texas, Pam has expertise in many areas: technology, assessment, K-12 mathematics, and more recently numeracy routines.  Her latest publication, Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle and High School Students, is a direct outgrowth of number strings that extends our work to college level mathematics.  Pam renames number strings as problem strings, but the essence of the routine remains the same.

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